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A Letter From Bob

Dear Kristen,


Congratulations on your recent decision to run a half marathon! You are the proud owner of me, Bob, the stroller. I wanted to take this time to say how excited I am to have a training partner. We are really in for some good times together. I will keep your precious cargo safe and all I ask in return is that you keep my tires pumped and crumbs out of the seat. I also thought it was only fair that I let you know that this journey we are about to go on isn’t going to be easy. Just when you started getting comfortable with running you had to go and have a baby. You thought running with your own body weight around town was tough? I’ve got news for you, sister. I weigh 25lbs. I know for a fact your baby isn’t a light weight so lets add 14 lbs. Give or take a few. Don’t forget until that kid can hold his own head up you get to bring the car seat on every run too. Let’s add 10lbs for that too. 49 extra lbs! That’s not for the faint of heart.

Now, I know I may have just scared you, but I assure you that if you do train with me you will be stronger than training without me. We will get through this together. When you’re really tired, you can lean on my handle bar. Things aren’t about to get any easier because that pork chop in the front seat is only going to get bigger and heavier!

If you’re ready for a challenge then I am your guy. I’ll kick your butt each time we meet. Trust me when I say, you’ll thank me for it in 7 weeks when you’re crossing the finish line.


See you tomorrow!



One thought on “A Letter From Bob

  1. gwen

    04 Mar on 2013 at 4:36 pm

    you’re a badass

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