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A Welcoming Community

Whether or not you’ve never done CrossFit, I’m sure your heard lots of different things about it. One of the most common things that I hear about CrossFit is how great the community is. It’s not like your big name gym where you might see the same people time after time and never talk to them. I’ve found that people at CrossFit boxes form real friendships with other athletes at their box and other boxes. The CrossFit community truly is something to talk about. WODs are done at the same time with everyone typically doing the same thing. Some have athletes starting and finishing at the same time and others are for time with athletes finishing at different times. It’s the for time wod that you really see people rally together to help one another finish. If you haven’t had a chance to experience this- I highly suggest it. I know at my box they offer a free class EVERY Saturday to both members and non members. In addition to the community class, they offer an intro class for people to try it out also for free. So try something new! You might find a new friend while you’re at it!

I’ve spent the last 2 Saturdays at my box watching events that they’ve been hosting. The first one was the Capital Affiliate Championships. This was the culmination of a season of Saturday competitions in the DC metro area. It was a great event with a DJ, swag, food trucks and awesome athletes! I took Hudson over with me (gotta start em early, right?) Unfortunately, I got there too late to see my box compete. I still got to see a great competition! I was definitely in awe of some of the women that were competing. It was so impressive to see them continuously climb the rope like a bear climbing a tree!





This Saturday, Hudson and I returned to the box to watch local area teens compete. It was so great to see the teens show off their skills.

Before the teens competition, I went to my second (ever) community class. To say I got my butt kicked would be an understatement. It was raining and I didn’t even consider we might be outside. Well, we were. The first thing I said when getting there was “I hope we aren’t going outside today” because I didn’t dress for the weather. I had 2 choices for my attire- oversized short sleeve Nike Dry Fit or furry North Face jacket. I went for the tee shirt. The thought of the fluffy jacket getting wet and sticking to me gives me goosebumps. Yuck. Here’s the partner WOD that we did:

16 Minute AMRAP

Sumo Deadlifts high pull with kettlebell (8 min)/ Kettlebell swings (8 min)

200m run with medicine ball

On the minute (every minute) 5 burpees

So one partner did the kettle bell work while the other partner runs. When the running partner got back inside we switched. So, like coach Conan said, you can walk- but your partner is going to hate you! And, don’t forget every minute we did 5 burpees… Outside in the rain. The first 8 minutes the kettlebell movement was the sumo deadlift high pull and the last 8 minutes were kettlebell swings. You counted your reps by kettlebell movements. Each time you and your partner switched you’d add on to their reps. My partner and I had 177. It was her first time at CrossFit and it was a hell of a workout to start with!

This was a tough WOD! The hardest part forme was the burpees. I totally underestimated them! I don’t know what I looked like, but I’m guessing it was a mix between a floppy fish with a ton of bricks tied to its back. Getting my fitness back hasn’t been easy. It’s hard not to compare myself to where I was before getting pregnant. So far I haven’t gotten down on myself and I’m just happy to be working out again! I’m working hard to not only get my fitness level back, but also to get back into my pre pregnancy jeans.

Moms: how long did it take you to feel like your old self again after your baby?

Dads: did you gain weight alongside your wife while waiting patiently for your bundle of joy? If you did, how did you get it off?

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” -Unknown




2 thoughts on “A Welcoming Community

  1. gwenMA

    26 Feb on 2013 at 8:18 pm

    I feel like this is a whole different world I don’t know anything about?! Maybe you can take me to Roanoke crossfit down here and get me introduced!? I can’t wait to see youuuuuuuuu

  2. gwen

    26 Feb on 2013 at 8:19 pm

    why the devil did my name turn out like that? maybe i’ll use that as my grandma name way down the road- like grandpa and gwenma :)

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