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I Love Sugar

I have a confession to make about myself. I eat way too much sugar. Way, way too much sugar. I think if I could I would eat it at every meal. If it’s possible, and I totally think it is, I am addicted to sugar.

A couple days ago while indulging in what was my 3rd or 4th froyo (of the week) topped with jelly beans, gummy worms, and swedish fish my friend told me it takes 2 weeks for your body to stop craving sugar. I didn’t think twice about it and told her there was no way I was doing that. No way could I do that!

Fast forward 1 hour and I had impulsively committed myself over Instagram to quitting sugar for at least two weeks. Now, for me quitting sugar means quitting sweets. No more candy, cookies, ice cream, frozen yogurt, milk shakes and most importantly- no more candy. I love candy. In college I played lacrosse and before and after games I would yell up to the front of the bus “did anyone bring candy??!” At school I’m always scouring the halls for other teachers stashes. I can’t keep it in my room, I’ll eat it all in one day. I can’t help myself and I can’t stop when I start.

I am also trying as best I can to avoid sugar in food. Did you know that everything has sugar in it? I’m not giving up breads, yet. I feel like I need to be realistic about this. My problem lies in treats. So I’ll start with that. Oh, and soda. No soda.

You may wonder why a sugar loving lunatic like myself would give up her sweetness. Well… Last week this happened. warning!!! Avert your eyes if you don’t like things that are a little gross!! I personally think things like this are interesting;


Yep, broken tooth. My teeth are actually rotting out of my face. I went to the dentist the next morning only to spend 4 hours in the chair getting not one, but TWO root canals and a filling in a 3rd tooth. I spent a lot of money that morning. Sorry Hud, I’ll be nursing you until your 12. Gross. Oh yah, and I still need 2 more root canals!

Another reason for giving up the sweets is body transformation. I don’t want to say weight loss because even though I will inevitably lose weight, my body is soft and mushy. I want to tighten and tone and build back my muscle. That’s not going to happen making a batch of cookies each night. And eating them all next day.

So far I’ve completed 3 whole days of no sweets and no soda. Somehow I’m still alive. Somehow my husband is still alive. He should probably stop telling me “no” when I’m begging to go get gummy bears at 6pm. And 6:36. And 7:05. And 7:59. And so on. Just kidding about stopping. It’s so helpful to have the support of friends and family! I’ve substituted candy and other sweets for fruit when the craving hits. Good thing I also like fruit. I’m taking this challenge one day at a time. 3 days down. Lets hope that no one is announcing anything at school on Friday. People always (usually) bring in donuts when they have a life announcement to make. So hold off a couple weeks! K?? Thanks!

Now off to bed to dream about gummy bears and sour patch kids dancing on my tounge.

One thought on “I Love Sugar

  1. gwen

    21 Mar on 2013 at 3:56 pm

    I know girl!!! I can actually see a difference in pictures from when I first got my braces off to now. It’s so hard because there is literally sugar everyyyyyywhere- and it’s so good!!! Careful cutting it out completely or you may go insane and then eat 14 pounds of candy. Can’t wait to see you!!!!!

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